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Elder Care – What If You’re the Only Sibling Near By or Willing to Help?

Years ago, taking care of our elderly Mom and Dad was a different situation.  Many families had a maiden sister or aunt who stayed home with the parents and took care of them until they passed.  The maiden care giver didn’t have another job and was supported by the family members who married and moved […]


A Pearl of Wisdom for a Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming this Sunday.  It’s a great celebration of life!  It doesn’t matter how we came to our relationship we call “Mom”.  We could have been born to our Moms, or adopted, or someone who nurtured us through out our lives.  Our relationships with these special ladies has helped form us into the […]


How to Handle the Stress and Depression of Elder Care

Stress happens to everyone.  For someone who is involved in elder care giving, it can be magnified a hundred fold.  There are many studies which show the care giver has a higher chance of experience stress related illness.  Chronic depression, often, plagues care givers.  Is is possible to alleviate some of this crushing stress? First […]