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5 Tips to Make Your Elder’s Hospital Visit Less Traumatic

The last few days, I have been writing articles on hospital visits for the elderly.  What items to have available for an emergency room visit and what a care giver can do to be prepared for a hospital stay.  Today, I would like to tell you about how you can continue to help your loved […]


Are Supplements safe for the Elderly?

There is a lot of mixed messages in the medical field in regards to supplements.  I know I, personally, have heard doctors say many different things.  When it comes to vitamin supplements, some doctors believe in them and some think spending money on them is a waste. We are bombarded daily on TV with many […]


Danger! Prescription Medications and Our Elderly

There is a danger lurking behind every smiling face of our aging elder’s professional caregivers. I believe it is a subject that kills and damages many of our senior citizens every year.  This danger is drug reactions and over medicating the elderly. This isn’t something any professional caregiver would ever, consciously, attempt to do.  Let’s […]