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Prescription Medications, The Elderly and Pill Boxes – What Do I Do When They Don’t Mix?

The elderly and prescription medications go hand in hand.  As our bodies age many elderly find the number of their prescription medications rise in direct proportion.  Many of the prescriptions they take are life threatening if they are taken incorrectly, take to many, or not enough.  A crucial time in our elderly lives is when […]


Are Supplements safe for the Elderly?

There is a lot of mixed messages in the medical field in regards to supplements.  I know I, personally, have heard doctors say many different things.  When it comes to vitamin supplements, some doctors believe in them and some think spending money on them is a waste. We are bombarded daily on TV with many […]


Danger! Prescription Medications and Our Elderly

There is a danger lurking behind every smiling face of our aging elder’s professional caregivers. I believe it is a subject that kills and damages many of our senior citizens every year.  This danger is drug reactions and over medicating the elderly. This isn’t something any professional caregiver would ever, consciously, attempt to do.  Let’s […]