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Elder Care: 20 IMPORTANT Things to Locate and Keep

Many years ago, I started down the path of elder care.  My parents were in need of someone to help them.  I’m that person.  I wish I knew then what I know now, especially about organizing their important information.  It would have made my elder care road easier. My parents aren’t organized people.  This led […]


5 Tips for Keeping Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s and Dementia from Wandering

Every year, in the news, we hear stories of an elderly person wandering away from home and dying from being lost outside.  It doesn’t take long for an old person to succumb to adverse weather.  There are other dangers out there such as water hazards, busy streets, industrial sites, etc.  For those of us who […]


Alzheimer’s – A Daughter’s Thoughts About Love and Mom

Alzheimer’s is a cruel dictator.  It robs its subjects of their memories, their lifestyle and eventually their lives.  It doesn’t care who it rules, only chooses its victim and then becomes relentless as it steals a piece of their life day after day. My Mother has this terrible affliction.  We have had to move her […]