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Are Supplements safe for the Elderly?

There is a lot of mixed messages in the medical field in regards to supplements.  I know I, personally, have heard doctors say many different things.  When it comes to vitamin supplements, some doctors believe in them and some think spending money on them is a waste. We are bombarded daily on TV with many […]


A Pearl of Wisdom for a Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming this Sunday.  It’s a great celebration of life!  It doesn’t matter how we came to our relationship we call “Mom”.  We could have been born to our Moms, or adopted, or someone who nurtured us through out our lives.  Our relationships with these special ladies has helped form us into the […]


Why is the Power of Attorney Document Important for the Elderly?

Most of us value our privacy.  When we grow older and need more help, our desire for privacy doesn’t go away.  It can be very uncomfortable for many senior citizens to hand the reins of their life over to junior to make life and death decisions for them with a Power of Attorney document.  If […]