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My name is Nan McAdam.  I live in the Midwest of the United States.  I’ve had many diverse life experiences. One thing which has always stayed consistent is that I have been blessed to be married to the same wonderful guy for over 30 years.  We have 3 adult children.  I’ve also been blessed with 2 adorable grandchildren.  If you don’t believe me, I could spend hours boring you with the hundreds of pictures!  I’m their personal paparazzi!

I have a lot in common with many of you.  We’ve raised children, or are presently raising children.  Many of us have moved into the period of our lives where we’re caring for our elderly aging loved ones.  I’ve been taking care of 5 of my own elderly senior citizens for the past 15 years.  I believe it is important for all of us, who are in this stage of our lives and taking care of our loved ones, to have practical hands on advice.  I have this kind of experience and would love to share it with you!

Each elderly person is different from the next.  Taking care of them can be one of the most stressful things in our lives.  It can also be one of the most rewarding!  It can change our lives, and it can change theirs.  How can we do it without burning out?

Recently, I’ve published on Amazon an eBook called, “Surviving the STRESS of Your Parents’ Old Age”. Care giver burnout is a huge factor in elder care.  63% of caregivers will die before their care receiver.  Many caregivers experience life threatening illnesses and disease brought on by high intensity care giving.  Anyone who have been in the care giving trenches can attest to this.  In fact, it almost happened to me!  My eBook is filled with many tips on how to escape or recover from caregiver burnout.  It has many tips on caring for Alzheimer’s/dementia loved ones.  Important information on how to know if it’s time for your elder to hang up the car keys…and how to do it.  Many how to’s on hospital stays, nursing homes, cohabitation with our elder, and many other topics.  If you would like more information about me or the book feel free to pop on over for a visit:  http://nanmcadam.net.

It’s my hope that the information I share with you will answer some of your questions, give you tools to cope with the day to day experiences, and help you on your care giving odyssey.

Good luck on your journey.

7 Responses to “About Nan McAdam”

  1. Helena Nyman says:

    Dear Nan;

    Thank you for your Blog! I will promote it among my Readers! Having been a caregiver for my parents (and currently volunteering to help Seniors in need), your blog is amazing and inspiring!

    You are an Angel! Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge!


  2. Barack says:

    Great blog here! I also enjoyed the read!

  3. Unni Ambli says:

    I appreciate your efforts to bring happiness into the life our our elders. We need to help each other so that we do not feel lonely and left out..

  4. Peace of mind from the minute you buy.

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